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Permitting And Government Relations Law In DeLand And Deltona

Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul serves as counsel to local governmental entities and public agencies both in general counsel and special counsel roles. One of our partners is board-certified in city, county and local government law. Several of our lawyers also serve as special magistrates and hearing officers for local governmental entities, and have lectured on issues ranging from the platting process to public records and the Sunshine Law.

We stay abreast of the local political process, and our clients benefit from not only our legal experience, but also from our long-standing relationships and local knowledge.

Land Use And Zoning

We have helped numerous clients throughout Volusia County navigate the land use entitlement and permitting processes, and our clients have benefited from our knowledge of local policies and politics. Our clients include developers, builders, property owners and end users. In appropriate circumstances, we have also represented community groups and other interested parties in opposition to undesirable development projects.

While we pride ourselves on being able to accomplish our clients’ objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner through the permitting process, our attorneys have a great deal of experience litigating land use-related issues. Litigation is never desirable due to the cost and time delay. However, the fact that you are represented by a firm with a long track record of successfully challenging local government development decisions can help to ensure that your land use entitlements are not improperly denied in the first place.

Experienced Litigation Of Governmental Matters

The attorneys at Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul have represented governmental entities, public officials/employees, and private clients in a wide range of issues in both administrative hearings and in court. The team of attorneys at Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul includes one of a select group of Florida lawyers who are certified by The Florida Bar as specialists in city, county and local government law, as well as board-certified in civil trial Law. These qualifications provide the unique combination of expertise to litigate government-related issues.

  • When a legal dispute erupted over whether Bush or Gore won the presidential election in Florida, one of the firm’s partners was chosen to represent George W. Bush in the Volusia County litigation.
  • When a local elected official was accused of improperly voting on a matter related to a hotly contested development project, one of the firm’s partners successfully defended the case through a final DOAH hearing.
  • Lawyers at Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul have successfully defended a Florida constitutional challenge to a local government’s zoning ordinance.

These are just a few of the firm’s accomplishments. Whether on behalf of a governmental entity or a private client, Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul is uniquely well-suited to represent clients in all phases of litigation, whether in the court system or in an administrative hearing process.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing. Whether you are seeking a license or permit, or you have been cited with a violation of a governmental regulation in an administrative forum, our lawyers can help. Administrative proceedings involve a unique process, and the lawyers at Paul, Elkind, Branz & Paul have represented clients in a host of administrative proceedings. We represent clients on wide-ranging issues, including challenges to the denial of applications for state-issued licenses, the defense of compliance actions for violations of state environmental laws, and the defense of actions alleging the violation of a host of other local and state regulatory laws.

To learn more about our credentials in this area or to discuss a legal matter, please reach out to schedule a consultation. Call our DeLand office at 386-734-3020 or contact us online.